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Hotels for single or married men for sex

Hotels for single or married men for sex

Fancy a bit on the side? Having an affair Independent. You're more in control of your life and your relationship. You don't get any of the boring bits. And it's considerably more exciting than real life. As Joanna Kiernan talks to women who like married men, she feels pity, admiration and anger.

But she does admit that there's never been a better time to have an affair in Ireland https: But she does admit that there's never been a better time to have an affair in Ireland 'You get the excitement without the boring elements of life, like having to meet their family or paying bills. Married men make you feel special. She cites a broken heart as her reasoning for the shift in her relationship practice. I feel much more in control being the other woman. I can pick and choose when I do or don't see someone.

I can decide on how serious I want the relationship to be, and I enjoy my own space and meeting up with friends, so I don't have to commit to spending every bit of my spare time with someone.

She refers to JFK as a, "sexual warrior who had taken to heart his father Joe Kennedy's stricture that his sons 'should get laid as often as they could'. The fact that JFK was noted by countless lovers to have been, at best, selfish and underwhelming in the bedroom department, was peripheral to his allure as a powerful, rogueish commander-in-chief.

And so goes the sordid tale with many of the mistresses Abbott chooses to peer at under her delicate, yet in-depth microscope -- they are powerful, uber-perfect playthings one minute, and disregarded trash the moment they appear to relax, get attached or show emotion.

Reading Abbott's book is an unusual experience. One feels pity for mistresses one minute, admiration another and anger the next. It is much the same as the gamut one runs when speaking directly to real-life Irish mistresses. So what is it that attracts women such as Claire to married men? It's a lot more sexy, and there is the thrill of getting caught. I'm currently single and dating, but did go out with a married guy for a year and a half.

As a mistress you get the finer, fun bits of a relationship without all of the drab parts of a marriage. I have received lovely gifts, gone to fancy hotels and restaurants -- something that you would have to have a reason to get if you were in a committed relationship or a marriage. I think I understood him a lot better than his wife when it came to discussing certain areas of his life.

I'm a good listener. If we did end up seeing each other by accident [when he was with his wife], I pretended it was a business relationship.

I think you can have a meaningful relationship with a married man, but it solely depends on how long you are seeing that person for, and how you connect -- just like an average relationship.

He never mentioned leaving his wife to Claire, something, she tells me, "He knew I wouldn't want him to do. A Handbook for the 'Other Woman', the former lover of Jeffrey Archer, and she also claims to have been the mistress of seven years standing to one Gordon Ramsay. Now reformed, she says, and helping other mistresses through "Mistresses Anonymous" group sessions in both the UK and Los Angeles, Symonds believes that it is the married men involved, and not the other women, that are to blame in affairs.

Please don't have affairs -- that's my message," she drawls in a gentle, almost too-sweet-to-be-wholesome tone. Be in control of the situation, and use the man as much as he's using you. Use him; think like a man and act like a man and, if it works for you, fine, but be in control. It's almost like taking drugs -- don't take drugs; however, if you're an addict, then at least use a clean needle.

Other women just actually fall for a guy who happens to be married or, realistically, as well, who does not tell them he's married to begin with," she adds, sounding a little wounded. We cannot force a man to cheat. We all know that unless a man's equipment is upright and working it's impossible, so the notion of stealing somebody's husband is absolutely ridiculous. Even if you throw the biggest temptations in his way, if a man has integrity he'll say, 'I'm sorry love, no.

I'm going home to my wife. It's really sad that the wife always blames the other woman. Yes, she's a part of it; yes, she could have walked away, but if the husband wants to cheat he's going to do it with somebody, so she was a catalyst to him doing it anyway. She is the reason why you can't be with the man you love. If the man doesn't honour his vows and take them seriously, when he's chatting you up and persuading you to have an affair with him, you've got to wonder, 'Well, why should I worry about his wife, when he's not?

I mean, she becomes a real confidante, a best friend, somebody who puts her life on hold. Nobody wants to hear this side of the story because there's such a stigma, but you know when a man cheats it's usually because there's something wrong at home, whether that's all his problem or whether the wife is also partly to share the responsibility for what's going on.

We all know that wives, by the nature of the title, have a lot of responsibility. There are usually children involved, and marriage, as we know, can get really boring, really tedious, and really familiar.

The interesting thing is that about 30 per cent of the women who write to me these days for advice are actually married women having affairs, so they're married mistresses. I think the stigma of the other woman being just the hot-to-trot hussy who's stealing somebody's husband is long gone. I'm dealing with real-life desperate housewives having affairs. Combined, the UK and Irish sites bring in more than new members every day. The UK site has more than , members and the Irish site had more than 15, people join up in its first four months of operation.

I have only had two serious partners, one of them being my husband, and I started to wonder what sex could be like with other people," Maria, a married mother of two, told me. I like swapping messages with guys and do this a lot, plus I have met up with a few guys too. Normally, I'd meet them a couple of hours away in the next city or town, go to a pub or bar and, if it's going well, stay over in a hotel.

I do feel guilty about my husband, but the feelings about the other guy's partner -- if they have one -- never really cross my mind, as it's something you don't really talk about. The 'being caught' bit does add to the excitement I feel -- it's my own secret that no one else knows about. I have a rule with myself not to meet up with the same guy more than three times, just in case it develops into anything else.

I don't want things to get any more complicated. It's a fun thing for me. You have all the exciting elements without all of the boring stuff like the mortgage.

You can try things out in the bedroom and not worry that the other person will judge you for saying it. You can be more experimental. Experienced, or more mature single women may not want the hassles that go with the traditional relationship and may have travelled this road before -- opting for an affair that allows a cake-and-eat-it situation to exist. All the good bits and not a dirty pair of socks in sight! There may be an element of wanting what someone else has.

He is also of the opinion that modern women are no longer in search of "the fairy tale". Rather than opting for the glass slipper, they are considering careers, lifestyles and their future and, in particular, how they want it. As a result, shorter, less committed relationships that fit into this lifestyle can often be sought. They no longer know the individual they married, so it's therefore very easy to have an affair," he concludes.

There are a variety of websites aimed at match-making those in need of a little adventure on the side. The second ad depicted US porn star Savanna Samson, whose character appears excited her husband is having an affair, and ends with the on-screen wording: If you have a short attention span, or suspect you may have an aversion to monogamy, don't get married.

In fact, if you really want to have an affair in Ireland, there has never been a better time. You can arrange a partner at the click of a mouse from any number of websites promising everything from "lonely housewives" and "illicit encounters" to "naughty fun" and "married, but playing". There often appears to be two camps, certainly among the female population, when you bring up affairs. You have the holier-than-thou grouping spewing hate at those who would even contemplate going there with a married man, then you have women who hunt married men like prized pets in order to fund an egotistical existence, with no thought of what might happen when they, as women, are no longer 'desirable'.

But these are extremes. As John Lennon put it, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans," a sentiment Sarah Symonds, possibly the world's only infidelity expert, who has appeared on CNN, Oprah and Dr Phil, is all too familiar with. I wasted so many years of my life on the wrong guys, whilst not looking for the right guy to make a future with. I don't have regrets as such, because that just makes you bitter, but I wish I hadn't wasted so many years.

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Charlize theron 2 days in the valley sex scene

Charlize theron 2 days in the valley sex scene

I bet I could I do that. As such things go, John Herzfeld's 2 Days in the Valley is slightly above-average. Yes, it offers all of the above elements in an effort to mimic Tarantino, but it also delivers a handful of intriguing characters, a few narrative surprises and a little bit of genuine soulfulness.

It's no Pulp Fiction — in fact, it's occasionally kinda terrible - but it goes down easier than most movies like this. If I were to attempt to explain the plot of the film to you, I suspect I would find myself simply describing the entire film to you. This is one of those movies which reveals its true nature as it unfolds, explaining who everyone is and how they connect to each other as we work our way towards the finish line.

As such, it's probably better if I simply tell you that the film takes place in the San Fernando Valley and that lots of colorful characters with wildly different goals and motivations live there.

The first character we meet is Dosmo Pizzo Danny Aiello, Do the Right Thing , an aging hitman who's taking a new assignment for the first time in years in an effort to ease the pain of his considerable gambling debts. His employer is Lee Woods James Spader, Stargate , a smart, ruthless killer who has a nasty habit of telling his victims that they have sixty seconds left to live before he kills them.

The film marks Theron's big-screen debut, and it's no surprise she went on to stardom: Elsewhere, we follow L. The former is soft-spoken, sensitive and thoughtful, the latter is angry, racist and impulsive.

They're currently attempting to take down a local massage parlor mostly because the parlor is located in Alvin's own neighborhood , but eventually stumble onto a murder scene. Wes sees a career opportunity and wants to investigate, while Alvin would prefer to let his superiors handle it. Stoltz gets the bulk of the dialogue in these scenes, but Daniels is a considerably more dominant presence — his explosive fury is compelling and a little frightening. He now finds himself unable to get work after a string of embarrassing flops, and has grown suicidal as a result.

This is the film's strongest subplot, due in no small part to Mazursky's affecting performance. There's a devastating scene in which an old colleague cruelly puts Teddy's current state into perspective, and an equally strong moment in which Teddy attempts to justify the notion of suicide to his yapping terrier.

Eventually, he meets a kind-hearted woman Marsha Mason, The Goodbye Girl who takes his life in an unexpected direction. Plus, there's Becky Foxx Teri Hatcher, Desperate Housewives , an Olympic athlete who finds herself at the center of a violent incident. Eventually, most of these characters cross paths with one another in some way, and one of the film's greatest virtues is the way it keeps surprising us in this department.

We expect these stories to overlap, but usually not in the way they end up overlapping. The characters range from well-developed to stereotypical, and that lack of consistency extends to the movie as a whole.

For every clever line of dialogue or witty rejoinder, we're treated to a groan-inducing clunker. For every moment that feels real and genuine, there's another one that feels artificial.

I suppose I liked more than I disliked, mostly because the movie surprised me more often than it didn't.

Father has sex with baby

Father has sex with baby

When Breena is pregnant with her youngest child, the ultrasound photos strongly indicate that the baby more closely resembles Tim than Jimmy. After the initial discovery, the trope is largely averted since, as far as the McPalmers are concerned, any child born into their family including those born before the four of them hooked up belongs to all of them and Jimmy and Abby feel zero jealousy at the thought of Breena carrying Tim's baby.

Film The Scarlet Empress: Catherine being the future Catherine the Great. Peter and Catherine hate each other and are never in each other's company. The scene where the child the future Paul I is born comes immediately after the scene where Catherine has sex with a random guard. Later, a smirking Peter refers to the baby as "an unexpected addition to the family.

She comes back pregnant. Genghis insists on recognizing the boy as his own son. The dubious parentage of Genghis's first son, Jochi, cost Jochi a shot at succeeding his father, and played a significant part in the fracturing of the Mongol Empire. Lon Chaney plays a man whose wife was going to run away with another man and then died shortly after childbirth.

He raises his "daughter" to be an alcoholic prostitute. Then the other man shows up, and tells him that his wife never went away with him— the child is his own. The Painted Veil Joseph eventually believes her after the Holy Spirit visits him in a dream to confirm her claim, and goes on to publicly claim the child as his, so it would have a father on Earth.

The Power and the Glory: Tom's suicide comes after he learns that not only is his Trophy Wife Eve cheating on him, but their baby boy is actually his grandson, Eve's son by her lover Tom Jr.

Jokes Inverted in this Dumb Blonde joke: The blonde discovers she's pregnant and goes to confront her husband: They do so right through the delivery but the husband shrugs it off saying it doesn't hurt at all. They started the machine at setting 1 and kept increasing it until it was at 10 but he felt nothing. They return home with the baby to find out that their mailman had dropped dead right on their street.

Similarly, a boy lucked out on a phrase that got him anything he wanted - " I know your secret ". Having gotten a new bike from his dad and new baseball mitt from his mom, he decided to try it out on the milkman Finally, despairing, he confesses to his mother, who tells him that while his father was being so unfaithful, she got lonely, and so he could marry any of them.

Lots of variations, including some where it's a young woman who wants to marry. A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife "There's no way I could be the father of this baby.

Have you been fooling around behind my back? The wife smiled sweetly and replied: Another variation is about an elderly couple who has had 8 sometimes 12 or 13 children: The wife is on her deathbed and calls for her husband, for she wants to confess something to him.

The husband comes, and tell her that he assumes it's about the redheaded boy he always suspected wasn't his. When the father heard the name of this girl, he made it clear that he didn't want his son to marry her, because it turned out he was her father.

This shocked the son, and he went straight to his mother with the problem. The mother scoffed and said: An impoverished aristocrat resigns himself to organizing guided tours of his ancestral castle. One day, he notices one of the tourists bears a striking resemblance to himself. He goes up to him and asks "I can't help but notice you look very similar Did your parents work here by any chance? Your mother was a chambermaid, no doubt? However, there are rumours about a neighbour family, namely that the younger children were not actually fathered by the frail and feeble father of the family, but the son.

In The Odyssey , Telemachus wonders about this—a doubt that no one else expresses—because he wonders if he is a worthy son of such a father. In Jane Eyre , Mr. Rochester's ward is the daughter of his one-time mistress, who sent him the baby after he had dismissed her when he learned she was unfaithful to him. She said the child was his; he assures Jane he has his doubts.

In Sharon Shinn 's Jenna Starborn, a retelling of Jane Eyre, Everett Ravenbeck also has a ward of unknown paternity born to an erstwhile mistress—he tells the title character that he never had the child DNA-tested, much to her surprise. In Madeleine L'Engle 's The Love Letters, Charlotte fled to Portugal because when she told her husband she was pregnant, he had asked her who the father was when he was.

The Jungle has, as part of Jurgis's Trauma Conga Line , his wife Ona tell him that she was raped by a businessman and she's been going to him for conjugal visits to ensure financial security for the family and also that she is pregnant. From what is narrated of their miserable bedtime experiences, they are most likely not having sex and if they are, then it is not very often.

Therefore, there is the chance that Ona got pregnant from her visits with Connor. However, Jurgis never makes any comment on the paternity of the child. In Andre Norton 's The Jargoon Pard , Kethan is his uncle's heir because as his sister's son, he is his most reliable kin.

Of course it turns out that Kethan's mother isn't his mother at all so there goes that theory. In Edgar Rice Burroughs 's Beyond Thirty, the British Isles have "retrogressed"—there are tribes that did not have a word for father, and other tribes where they are aware of fatherhood, but practice matrilineality because of this trope.

The heroine tells the hero not who her father is, but whom her mother once told her was her father. It appears that the line of descent is through the women. A man is merely head of his wife's family—that is all.

If she chances to be the oldest female member of the "royal" house, he is king. Very naively the girl explained that there was seldom any doubt as to whom a child's mother was. Inverted in Wicked , in which Elphaba isn't sure if Liir is her son or not, because she'd been unconscious at the time he was born and no one would tell her if she'd given birth during that time or not.

Although Played Straight with her sister Nessarose, who her father suspects is not his. Turns out it's true about Elphaba, too, with a different father than her sister, though. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Daughter trilogy there is considerable speculation about Caliban's father. At the end, he has one question, and uses it to confirm what the evidence points too.

In reality, Jenna's a foundling, and they must hide her origin. In the Chivalric Romance Octavian, the emperor's wicked mother accuses his wife of infidelity and claims her twin children are not his. In some forms of the Chivalric Romance The Swan Children, a woman taunts another woman with infidelity because she had given birth to twins; later, she gives birth to seven children at once, and her mother-in-law taunts her with the same "proof" and exposes the children, although she has not been unfaithful.

In Marie de France's Le Fresne, a woman taunts another woman with infidelity after she bears twins; then she bears twins herself, and unable to prove her innocence, exposes one daughter. Montgomery 's A Tangled Web , a woman never named the father of her illegitimate baby. When one couple separated the night of their wedding, some of the speculation was that he confessed to being the father.

In Ovid 's Elegy XIII, he invokes Isis and Lucina to save his mistress, Corinna, after an attempted abortion; during the course of it, he admits that the child may not be his.

Jacky invokes this trope in Under The Jolly Roger. She knows she's shortly to be deflowered by Captain Scrogg, so she decides to sleep with Robin. Her reasoning is that if she becomes pregnant, whoever the father is, she'll be able to tell herself it's Robin's baby and be able to love it the way it deserves. It doesn't work, but neither does Captain Scrogg's Attempted Rape , so it all works out. From the start there is speculation as to whether the father of Isabelle's children is Charlie or her husband in The Thirteenth Tale.

This is the backstory of one of the characters in Mercedes Lackey 's Magic's Promise ; when the kid was born early and looked like neither his mother nor his father but exactly like his maternal uncle, his father assumed the very worst , and took it out on both mother and child. Particularly awful because there was a way to check; the father just didn't want his suspicions confirmed. The boy was simply born prematurely, and wasn't the uncle's. The father cardinal suspects an egg was laid by an interloper and the mother knows it for her own.

Except, of course, her actual egg could have been tipped out of the nest by a brood parasite—avian mothers would not have the certainty of a mammalian one.

Martin 's A Song of Ice and Fire: There is a succession struggle after the current king's death due to this trope His wife Cersei having indulged in Twincest but nonetheless claiming the children are her husband's. Jon Arryn and Ned Stark were both put onto it by the discovery that in past cases where Baratheons and Lannisters have had children together, the children always had black hair rather than the blond hair characteristic of House Lannister.

A lesser, but telling, example can be found with another Lannister. A family tradition with Lannister girls when unhappily married off, perchance? Inverted with Jon Snow. His father, Lord Eddard Stark, raises and loves Jon alongside his trueborn half-siblings at his home castle in Winterfell, openly presenting Jon as his son and providing him with a highborn upbringing but Jon has no idea who his mother is as it has not been revealed to Jon, most characters in the series, or to the readers.

As a result, a number of characters have provided Wild Mass Guesses of their own but none of them line up with the fanon conjecture, and the sole character who can confirm any of these preductions — Howland Reed of Greywater Watch — has yet to appear "on-screen. Jon even looks more like Ned's son than his trueborn sons who all inherited more of their mother Catelyn's features , which is one of the reasons Catelyn resented Jon so much.

Featured in Archmaester Gyldayn's Histories , with Rhaenyra's three eldest sons looking nothing like her likely gay first husband. It's also a key feature of the backstory of the Blackfyre pretenders.

Daemon Blackfyre claims that the current king Daeron wasn't the son of the previous King Aegon but of Aegon's brother Aemon; therefore, Daemon the bastard-born but legally legitimized son of Aegon was the rightful heir. The resulting civil war flared off-and-on for nearly a century.

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Clip download free mobile philippine scandal sex video

My writing focuses on delivering stories that will satisfy my reader's fantasies, as well as my own. Many if not all of my stories have a romantic edge to them. It's as great a turn on for me to write as it is to read. I enjoy the exchange of ideas with others be it in conversation, or through reading their stories, or they reading mine.

I love it when people comment on my stories as it gives me an insight into what their thoughts, likes, and dislikes are. I will always comment on a story I read. It is a way of thanking the author for their hard work. In my time on Lush I have met some wonderful, exciting people. I am amazed by the quality of the writing of many of you.

I am by nature an educator so being a moderator permits me to help budding authors hone their skills and get published. More and more, I am editing stories for various people so feel free to ask. The worst I would say is no as I am increasingly busy.

I am in a relationship with the beautiful TonyaL. It is an honor that she accepted to be with me as a partner, a friend, and she is my love. I wish that you respect our relationship as I will respect yours. Feel free to post on my wall however keep it to sensual photos, and funny ones are appreciated.

Please no couple pictures. Those are for Tonya to post. I will delete any that I deem inappropriate. I love and respect all, women as well as men. Nonjudgmental in that I respect everyone's opinion and lifestyle, even if I do not necessarily agree with it.

Feel free to private message me. I often show as being on-line when I am away. Do not be offended. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Note, however, that I dislike time wasters which I define as those who want to chat and have nothing to say or offer. Please respect that communication is not one way but a matter of exchanging thoughts and experiences. Should you have a similar philosophy please feel free to send me a friend request. A sexy love story. A tale of cheating. A cougar discovers herself.

Unprotected sex while breakthrough bleeding

Unprotected sex while breakthrough bleeding

Sensitive cervix The cervix is located at the base of the uterus. During pregnancy, it softens and becomes more sensitive. Intercourse and vaginal exams may be more likely to cause irritation.

If bleeding from the cervix is not related to intercourse or an exam, it may be a sign of cervical insufficiency. This occurs when the cervix begins to open before the baby is fully developed, increasing the risk of premature delivery. Implantation bleeding This occurs when the fertilized egg first becomes implanted in the uterus. Implantation bleeding typically occurs 6—12 days after conception and a few days before the first missed period.

This bleeding will often be so light that no tampon or pad is needed. Many people with implantation bleeding are not yet aware that they are pregnant. Subchorionic hematoma This occurs when the placenta separates from the original site of implantation.

The bleeding that results may be light or heavy. Subchorionic hematomas are often harmless, but a doctor should evaluate any bleeding during pregnancy. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy It is important to speak to a doctor if vaginal bleeding occurs during pregnancy. Even heavy bleeding does not always result in a miscarriage.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, about 50 percent of women who experience bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy do not miscarry. A miscarriage happens when a pregnancy ends on its own within the first 20 weeks.

After 20 weeks, this is called a stillbirth. As many as 25 percent of pregnancies result in miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancies are much less common and occur when an embryo implants in a fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Bleeding caused by a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy may be heavy and accompanied by abdominal cramping.

Ectopic pregnancies can be very dangerous if not treated promptly. If a person suspects that they have an ectopic pregnancy, they should seek immediate medical care.

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Sexy desi stories in urdu

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Mt washington ky mcdonalds sex

Most of the calls were made to fast-food restaurants, but a few were made to grocery stores. A caller who identified himself as a police officer or other authority figure would contact a manager or supervisor and would solicit their help in detaining a female employee or customer who was suspected of a crime. He would provide a description of the suspect, which the manager would recognize, and he would then ask the manager to search the suspected woman.

Some notable incidents were: Two calls were reported in The caller had convinced her that the customer was a "suspected sex offender" and that the manager, serving as bait, would enable undercover police officers to arrest him.

The female manager who believed she was speaking to a police officer who was with the director of operations for the restaurant's upper management took a female employee into the women's bathroom and strip-searched her.

She also brought in a male employee, who conducted a body cavity search of the woman to "uncover hidden drugs. District Judge John F. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the judgments. The cashier was forced to undress and pose in various positions as part of the search. The incident ended when another manager entered the office to retrieve a set of keys.

According to assistant manager Donna Summers, the caller identified himself as a policeman, "Officer Scott. Summers believed the description provided was that of Louise Ogborn, a woman who was currently on duty at the restaurant. The "police officer" demanded that Ogborn be searched at the restaurant because no officers were available at the moment to handle such a minor matter.

Ogborn was brought into an office and ordered to remove her clothes, which Summers then placed in a bag and took to her car, as instructed.

Ogborn then put on an apron to partially cover herself. Kim Dockery, another assistant manager, [3] was present at that time; Dockery believed she was there as a witness to the search. Dockery left after an hour, and Summers told the caller that she needed to be working at the restaurant's counter.

The caller then told Summers to bring in someone whom she trusted to assist with the investigation. When the caller ordered Bradley to remove Ogborn's apron and describe her, Bradley refused but did not attempt to call the police. After being told that a police officer was on the phone, Nix can be seen obeying the caller's instructions for the next two hours. Nix removed the apron that Ogborn was wearing and ordered her to dance and perform jumping jacks while she was naked.

Nix then ordered her to insert her fingers into her vagina and expose it to him as part of the "search. The caller also spoke to Ogborn and demanded that she do as she was told or face worse punishment. Recalling the incident later, Ogborn said that, "I was scared for my life. Summers returned to the office periodically, and during these times, Ogborn was instructed by the caller to cover herself with the apron.

Nix became uneasy about what was happening. The caller then permitted him to leave on condition that Summers had to find someone to replace him. After Nix left, he called a friend and told him, "I have done something terribly bad. She spotted Thomas Simms, the restaurant's maintenance man, who had stopped in at the restaurant for dessert. She told Simms to go into the office and watch Ogborn.

Simms, however, refused to go along with the caller's demands. At this point, Summers became suspicious and decided to call a higher-level manager whom the caller earlier had claimed to have been speaking to on another phone line. Speaking with her boss, Summers discovered that he had been sleeping and had not spoken to any police officer. She realized that the call had been fraudulent.

The caller then abruptly ended the call. Summers was now hysterical and began apologizing. Ogborn shivering and wrapped in a blanket was released from the office after three and a half hours. The police were called to the restaurant; they arrested Nix on a charge of sexual assault and began an investigation to find the perpetrator of the scam call.

The entire incident was recorded by a surveillance camera in the office. Summers watched the tape later that night and, according to her attorney, broke off her engagement with Nix. None of those incidents had continued as long, or with as many people involved, as the one in the Mount Washington McDonald's.

Although their initial suspicion was that the call had originated from a pay phone near the McDonald's restaurant from which the perpetrator could see both the police station and the restaurant , police later determined that the call originated from a supermarket pay phone in Panama City, Florida. The Panama City police informed the Mount Washington police that Detective Flaherty in Massachusetts was already conducting an investigation.

Several similar scam calls had been placed to Boston-area restaurants, and Flaherty had already pulled surveillance camera footage from a Walmart in Panama City. Following Flaherty's lead, the Mount Washington police used the serial number of the phone card to find out that it had been purchased from a different Walmart than the Walmart which sold the card used for calls to Massachusetts restaurants.

Using the records of the Panama City Walmart, which showed them the cash register and the time of purchase of the phone card, Mount Washington police were able to find surveillance camera footage of the purchaser of the card. The Massachusetts investigation had gone cold when their surveillance video failed to show the purchaser — the cameras had been trained on the store's parking lot and not on the cash registers.

Videos and still photographs from the two Walmarts were compared, and the same man was seen entering and exiting the Massachusetts Walmart at the time when a phone card was purchased there. Police used these images to produce front-and-back composite images of the suspect.

Subsequent queries directed to the private security firm's human resources department led to the identification of the phone card buyer as David R. Stewart, a married man with five children, who was then arrested. Stewart was extradited to Kentucky to be tried on charges of impersonating a police officer and solicitation of sodomy.

On October 31, , he was acquitted of all charges. Both the defense and the prosecution attorneys stated that a lack of direct evidence may have affected the jury's decision, which found him not guilty.

Police also found in Stewart's home dozens of applications for police department jobs, hundreds of police magazines, and police-style uniforms , guns, and holsters. This was thought to indicate that the suspect had fantasized about being a police officer.

She abandoned her plans to attend the University of Louisville , where she had anticipated becoming a pre-med student. In an interview with ABC News, she said that after her abuse she "felt dirty" and had difficulty making and maintaining friendships because she wouldn't "allow anyone to get too close to her".

Donna Summers ended her engagement with Nix soon after the incident. She was fired from McDonald's for violating corporate policies prohibiting strip-searches and prohibiting anyone not employed by McDonald's from entering the restaurant's office. She was not charged with any sex-related crime. Walter Nix pleaded guilty to sexual abuse , sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment in his trial.

The judge agreed to a plea deal for Nix in exchange for his testimony against David Stewart. Her grounds for the suit were: Summers deviated from the company's management manual, which prohibits strip-searches, and therefore McDonald's should not be held responsible for any action of Summers outside the scope of her employment; workers' compensation law prohibited employees from suing their employer; Nix, who actually performed the acts, was not a McDonald's employee; and the victim did not remove herself from the situation, contrary to common sense.

A short film Plainview, [19] which played the festival circuit in — The character played by Williams identified himself as Detective Milgram, a reference to the famous Milgram experiment , which studied unreasonable obedience to authority. The feature film Compliance , directed by Craig Zobel.

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